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Q: Do you have trips every year?
A: No. We plan for trips every other year, for a couple of reasons. First it is very complicated to plan, organize and coordinate these kinds of trips. Secondly, this gives our student travelers the ability to save!!

Q: When will you start planning the trip?
A: In the past, initial planning has begun two years prior to the departure date in order to take advantage of the lowest possible prices for tours.

Q: Who is aloud to come?
A: This is a student trip so only students at Pathfinder are allowed to come. All student travelers must be in good academic, vocational, and behavioral standing.

Q: What paperwork will be required?
A: In order to sign up for the trip, the following paperwork needs to be submitted in advance based on current procedures:
1. A student/parent information trip interest form
2. Behavior Expectations Form- A signed acknowledgement from parents and students of the tour policies and guidelines.
3. A Teacher recommendation form.

Q: Are there any hidden/additional costs for the trip?
A: In the past we rent a bus from Pathfinder and make our way to Logan Airport (Boston, Ma). On our return date a bus will then pick us up at the airport and bring us back to Pathfinder. This price will be based off of the bus quote/how many student travelers we have for the trip.
A: Students have to pay for tips in advance. The tips are broken down to $10 a day. The tip payment will be paid to me in advance, and I will personally hand out the tip money to the particular tour guides. EF Tours has a tips break down online.

Q: Will there be fundraisers?
A: Yes, there will be a certain minimum number of fundraisers that each student should participate in as part of the travel club. The total number of fundraisers that are needed for each trip will vary depending on the financial needs of the students who have decided participate in this activity. All fundraised money will be distributed at the final parent/student meeting (1-2 months before the trip).

Q: How many students will be going on the trip?
A: Anywhere from 6-43 students. First come first served. There will only be one bus.

Q: How many chaperones will be on the trip?
A: There will be a 6 students to 1 chaperone ratio.

Q: How much money should we budget to spend on the trip?
A: That depends on the individual person. You have to figure in how much you might spend everyday buying lunch, snacks, bathroom use, and of course souvenirs. (For myself, I usually budgeted about $20 a day for normal expenses, but I'm not a big souvenir shopper.) Many students run out of money because of expenses they don't consider- buying a soda for dinner, having the occasional gelato, splurging on lunch, it all adds up quickly.

Q: Should we get travelers checks ?
A: No. I recommend Credit or Debit cards. Please talk to your bank for more information. For students, parents can set up an ATM account for them to use for the trip- Make sure that the pin number is only 4 digits or letters, anything longer won't work in Europe. Additionally, the ATM card/credit card should be a VISA or Mastercard.

Q: Should we get Euros before we go?
A: Yes, you certainly can. If your bank will do direct money exchange, then take advantage of it. Students should bring about 100 Euros in cash with them, with that money, they can buy lunch in the airport in between our connecting flight to Europe, and then they can cash in the rest when they get there into Euros. Don't rely on one form of payment for the trip.